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Award-winning investigative reporter, Rebecca Clarren writes about energy, the environment and public health.

Featured Articles

The Dark Side of Dairies, High Country News A broken system leaves immigrant workers invisible - and in danger. Winner of the 2010 Hillman Prize for Magazine Journalism.
the Dark Sides of Dairies

Unwell, MotherJones
A natural gas boom explodes in the front yard

Seed Saviors, Portland Monthly
When civilization coughs up its final death rattle, one of the last bastions of mankind’s survival will lie behind a modest sign: “Preserving plant genetic resources for all time.”

EPAs Stalin Era,
How the Bush administration has stymied science and hurt public health

Wyoming's Natural Gas Boom Sees Growing Pains, Fortune
Natural gas transforms rural Wyoming in unexpected ways

The Invisible Ones, Ms Magazine

How modern day slavery thrives beneath the radar

Investigative journalist Rebecca Clarren writes often about both immigrant labor and the intersection of the environment and public health. A contributing writer to High Country News, she freelances for other national magazines such as Mother Jones, The Nation, and Fortune. Her work is frequently supported by the Fund for Investigative Journalism. A recipient of numerous fellowships and awards, she has most recently won the 2009 Alicia Patterson Foundation Fellowship and the 2010 Sidney Hillman Prize for Magazine Journalism. She is working on a book about a natural gas blow out in rural Colorado.

Selected Featured Stories From the Archives

Paradise Lost, Ms Magazine
Guest Workers from Asian countires work for the low wage amind often grim conditions in a US territory in the Pacific, making clothes that say Made in the USA
Fresh Air with Terry Gross MP3
Air America with Al Franken MP3

Inside the Secretive plan to gut the Endagered Species Act,
A whistleblower leaked Clarren a federal document outlining some troubling news for the environment
Living on Earth MP3

Shuck and Jive, Utne Reader
The politics behind the ethanol boom
Utne Reader Podcast

Pesticide Drift, Orion
Immigrants in California's Central Valley are sick of breathing poisoned air
Pesticide Drift

Behind the Pillow Angel,
The story behind this year's biggest bio-ethics case

Fields of Poison, The Nation
How farmworkers say pesticides poison them at work

Land of Milk and Money,
The real story behind the Horizon Milk happy cow
Good Food KCRW MP3

No Refuge in the Klamath Basin, High Country News
The winner of an honorable mention for the 2001 John B. Oakes award for excellence in environment journalism.

Save the Holes, Los Angeles Times Magazine
Three tough Alaskan cavers dig deep to protect ancient caves

Selected Columns and Essays

Who Needs a Prius Anyways?,
Clarren revs up controversy with her attack on hybrids

Put a stake in it,
Cut up to 10 percent of your electric bill simply by turning off "vampire" appliances that run all night

Click here to read more "The Good Life" columns by Clarren that aim to take a skeptical look at sustainable products and trends

Peace of the Rock, Portland Monthly
Clarren goes to a rock camp for women
[Link coming soon]

Dirty Politics, Foul Air, The Nation
The Bush adminstration tries to weaken the Clean Air Act

Season's End, Whole Life Times
An essay about what's possible to preserve

A Mountain Lifts A heavy Heart, High Country News
Clarren visits Mt St Helen's Amid Tumultuous Times